Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 3 Results- Need to do better

Officially a two-week losing streak after a good week one. I need to go back and look, but I feel last year, there was a little bit of a losing streak early before just getting hot for several weeks in a row. We'll learn from this week, get another data point, and get even better for upcoming weeks.

Admittedly, this could have been so much worse if the Raiders went off, as I was facing about 20% Derek Carr, 10% Michael Crabtree, and 10% Amari Cooper. Also had a nice GPP hit with two things I mentioned on the show that I do, the DFS Power Grid. Tom Brady had a nice game and Russell Wilson/Doug Baldwin had a nice game as well. I profited $100 in GPP's.

I could have been so much better if Kelvin Benjamin doesn't get hurt, as I lost 20% of my games by less than 8 points.

Starting Bankroll- $10,210
Amount invested Week 3- $1,250
Amount Won $740
Net Profit/Loss: -$510
New Bankroll- $9,700

On a side note, I don't typically post my GPP strategies, but can if there is interest. I won't be posting GPP lineups, but could do some strategy write-ups.

Throwing Bankroll Management Out the Window- Primetime

Let's have some fun.

1k H2H

Matt Prater

19 points from Matt Prater, the rest of the offense not so much. Need a big afternoon or some garbage time from Cam.

Kelvin Benjamin and Jay Ajayi Down

This picture about sums it up

What to do with Derrick Henry- Lineup Update

Moving off of Derrick Henry. For DeMarco Murray to be ruled as playing 5 hours before the game tells me he will be healthier than what I had thought he would be.

Updated lineup.

Updated Lineup- Going with Carolina

Moving off of Wentz due to Janoris Jenkins being active.

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