Sunday, December 16, 2018

Favorite GPP Lineups

This week is hard for GPP's just like it is for cash games.

I'm going to give you two this week, the first is safer, the second is more risky.

First lineup- New England Stack with JuJu on the other side

Second lineup- I love Calvin Ridley's upside this week with Julio on Patrick Peterson for most of this game.

Gotta finish this year strong- Bankroll update.

Break-even is in sight after a rough start to the year. After last week's big week and the second one in three weeks, we're now close to break even which is not something I would have thought we would be saying six weeks ago when we were down $1,500 or so.

Starting Bankroll- $10,000
Current Bankroll- $9,824
Net Profit- ($176)

Pricing is soft this week. Week 15 Cash Lineup

There just are not a lot of ways to spend salary this week.  The concern I have is whether this week becomes too chalky as everyone just ends up spending up for both Barkley and Elliott, which is a shame as this is a great week for guys like Dalvin Cook, David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Chris Carson.

QB- Tom Brady seems like everyone is going there.

RB- Will everyone just pay up for both Barkley and Elliott? Joe Mixon, Dalvin Cook, and Jaylen Samuels are all in great spots, but I think when it comes to final builds people will pay up for Barkley and Elliott. 

WR- Amari Cooper will be nearly 100% owned as his price is ludicrous. Sterling Shepard will also see significant ownership due to the Beckham injury. 

TE- Eric Ebron or Jared Cook are how I'm looking this week. It really depends on the health of T.Y. Hilton. If Hilton is out, Ebron shoots up to number one on my list as Ebron saw 22 targets in the two games that Hilton was out earlier this year. If Hilton is active, Jared Cook is my guy.

Subject to change based on the T.Y Hilton news

Saturday, December 15, 2018

If you're going to play one contest this week, play Yahoo

Yahoo is hosting a $1M contest for $20 this week and it might be the best contest of all time. They are guaranteeing $250k in overlay, meaning they are only accepting $750k of entries and paying out $1M in prizes.

If you're going to play one contest this week, it should be this one. A lot of us have been frustrated by the rake that DraftKings and FanDuel have had over the years, well this is a way to band together and support a third site because if it doesn't fill, I'm sure they will never do anything similar.

If you've never played on Yahoo before enter code yahoo25 for $25 in free play.