Sunday, January 20, 2019

End of the Season

As Looney Tunes said. That's all folks. Solid weekend, ending up on the playoffs as I did well in the Wildcard, not so well last week and won most of my cash and min-cashed in GPP's with my lineup.

Overall a solid season, I'll run the numbers this week on where the bankroll finally ended, but should be close to even. Taking out some of those big $535 h2h early in the year, it would have been a highly positive year, and if we're counting non-FanDuel I was up mostly due to the Yahoo GPP score earlier this year.

Anyway, I hope you learned something, and we'll have to see if this blog makes it back for year 3 next season.

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Obscure GPP Lineup

Warning: This lineup should not be used heavily. My favorite GPP lineup on a two-game slate is my cash lineup.

However, with that said, I had some fun building an anti-chalk lineup. If the chalk all fails, this lineup could rise up.

Cash and GPP Lineup

I'll give a second more obscure GPP lineup, but this is where I've landed as my primary lineup for both cash and GPPs.

I've shifted into playing Kamara so that I can make this lineup work. I like Kamara slightly less than Gurley, but do think he will have success today running off tackle as the strength of the Rams is at their defensive tackle positions.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Conference Championship Week

The first thing I'll say to start this off is thank you if you're still following along, it's been an up and down year for me this year, but definitely the year that I know I have learned a lot about my own gameplay and hopefully, you have learned a little bit as well.

With that said, much like the previous two rounds of the playoffs and really Week 17. Don't be stupid with your bankroll. There is no reason to push the envelope hard this week as we're dealing with a two-game slate where one mistake is critical.

Pricing is much tighter on FanDuel than DraftKings this week as with DraftKings you can almost get whichever running backs you want in your lineup.

At the quarterback position, there really is only a decision between Brees or Mahomes. For me, there is not enough of a savings to go away from Mahomes this week as I view him as having a significantly higher floor than any other quarterback and a higher ceiling.

Running Back
Running back is likely the hardest decision on FanDuel. On DraftKings, go and get whoever you want. James White is an excellent play on DraftKings, but due to not being a full point PPR, not going to play him on FanDuel this week.

With the cold weather and with Tom Brady's history on the road in the playoffs not being great, I think this is a heavy game of Sony Michel who has really seen consistent volume each week since coming back from injury.

My top options by value in order (FanDuel)-
Todd Gurley
Damien Williams
Alvin Kamara
Sony Michel
C.J. Anderson
Mark Ingram
James White

Wide Receiver

At the wide receiver position, this really depends on what you do at tight end. If you spend up for Kelce there isn't room to go to most of the top end guys. For me, the answer is that I'm spending up to go and get Michael Thomas and tight end will be a complete punt of the position. Thomas makes up such a high percentage of targets in the Saints offense that it is difficult not to trust that he will have a great game this week. The matchup outside of Aqib Talib is a good one as Marcus Peters has not been great this season.

My top options by value in order (FanDuel)
Michael Thomas
Julian Edelman
Robert Woods
Josh Reynolds
Ted Ginn Jr.
Tyreek Hill
Brandin Cooks
Sammy Watkins

Tight End-

I already hinted it, but on FanDuel, I have not built many lineup builds that have Travis Kelce in my lineup. This could be a giant mistake, but there is not a good way to have Michael Thomas, Todd Gurley and Travis Kelce in the same lineup with how tight FanDuel's pricing is. On DraftKings, there are definitely ways to do it, and he is the clear cut guy this week so you may want to consider doing it over there.

The reality is, that at the moment, I have Josh Hill in a majority of my lineups. With no Benjamin Watson this week, Hill should see close to 100% of the snaps and we have seen him have big playoff games before as he has 50 yards in two of his last three games. I don't love it, and would love to find a way to get Kelce, but it is bleak.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Short slates are tough

While last weekend worked, this weekend is not looking great. Facing a lot of Kelce, Foles which was probably the smart way to build the lineup.