Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Giving Thanks and Thanksgiving Strategy

Thank You
First of all, before I start this, I just wanted to give thanks.

1) Thank you to Footballguys (Joe and David) for sponsoring this platform, if you aren't a subscriber to Footballguys, please consider it next season if you've had any success this year. There are over 20 articles per week, projections, etc, and without them, this blog would not be kept free.

2) Thank you for following this blog. Our viewership this season compared to last is up 300% which is awesome and I am especially appreciative of the community aspect we have built on here where. I try to respond to every comment and even though I don't get to all of them, I read every single one of them.

Thanksgiving Strategy-

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite slates of the year, but I do treat it a little bit differently. This is a slate in which I go a little bit more GPP focused, and my cash games are designed a little bit more for 3 man contests and 100 man contests than they are head to heads.

Head to Heads-
To be honest, I have no idea how many head to head contests I will be joining for Thanksgiving. Typically, I have a defined dollar amount that I want to get in play each week, but honestly, Thanksgiving is the exception to that rule. What I do for Thanksgiving is I will join any contest where a player does not have an experience badge or if I have never heard of that player. The reality is that there are so many new players that play only on these types of slates that there is a big advantage to be had if you are smart about game selection.

If you are a player without a badge, what I always recommend is never post games as people especially on FanDuel where there are no matchup blockers and other people can join every one of your posted games. I will only take one matchup per player maximum this is a principle I have established early on that I don't want to be the guy who is mass joining players as I feel they're bad for the industry.

I posted my cash lineup as of now, and it entirely changes if Sterling Shepard does play. Two key players, I want to touch on as I don't have a lot of time on this short week, but wanted to touch on two picks that I'm sure are a bit controversial.

Eli Manning- 
The quarterback position on this slate is nothing short of horrible. I could make strong cases against every quarterback on this slate. My favorite quarterback this week is Matthew Stafford as I do not believe that the Lions will be able to run the ball at all this week, but ultimately I have Eli Manning a close second in terms of value. The reality is that his floor is 200 yards and a touchdown as the Redskins have allowed the fourth-most fantasy points this season to opposing quarterbacks this season.

Josh Doctson-
Why Josh Doctson over Jamison Crowder who will be one of the more popular plays on the slate. The answer is that the chance for Doctson to score a touchdown this week is higher as my concern with Crowder is that he has scored one touchdown on the year and is going up against a much bigger cornerback than him in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Doctson has been on the field for 90%+ snaps in each of the last two weeks and he should be in a good opportunity against Janoris Jenkins who seemingly has given up after being suspended three weeks ago. 

Players that I like as deep shots this week-
Byron Marshall
Kenny Golladay
Marvin Jones- Tough matchup against Xavier Rhodes, but still believe in Jones to come through and will be under-owned

Thanksgiving Lineup

Running behind this week, so here is my lineup and where it stands at the current moment. A detail breakdown is coming at some point tonight, just wanted to get this in front of you all so that you had it.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Recap of the Day

Overall not bad, excluding the big head to head (which we have excluded the wins and losses in the bankroll tracking.

Final score put up 131.26, which all things considering could have been slightly higher. Won about 75% of my head to head games which part of this was likely due to pure luck as I faced a seemingly abnormally high amount of Alex Smith this week.

Starting Bankroll: 11,024
Amount invested: $1,600
Return: 1,924
Net Profit $324
New Bankroll: $11,348

Looking forward notes:

I don't know what to do with LeSean McCoy. Obviously the game script destroyed him in this game, but even early on when it was close and Peterman was throwing interceptions, they kept throwing the ball instead of handing the ball off to McCoy. He had 70 yards and a touchdown on one drive and then the team went away from him.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

High Stake H2H

Primary Lineup Change- Apologies for this being late.

Hey guys- First apologies for doing this so late.

I am going to run two lineups out this week, with this lineup below being my primary lineup, I will still be playing my second lineup. Why Tavarres King? After looking into it further, he is the clear beneficiary of Shepard being out and they are going to need someone else to throw to.

Gronkowski gets me off of Kelce in the wind and essentially just stacks Brady and the Patriots.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Week 11 Cash Lineup

Here is where I am at currently. This is subject to change if weather or injuries may pop up.

Week 11 Power Grid Podcast

Will be posting my cash lineup later tonight, but figured I would post this as it was one of my favorite episodes we have done this season. Can get a full view on a variety of different week 11 topics.